Pune - 411001 Maharashtra, India
Codeforces : Expert (1744) Codechef: 5 Star (2151) HackerRank: 6 star HackerEarth : Legend
Pranav Sawant is a high school senior at Army Public School, Pune. He works primarily on research in Mathematics, Data Science, Astronomy and Aerospace Engineering. He is leading the Astronomy division of the Research and Development wing of Airsat Aerospace. He has authored two research papers and filed a patent for India's first satellite deorbiting mechanism "AirDragMod" (ADM). He aims to take the Indian Aerospace end-to-end solutions sector by storm by creating sustainable space class technology. His current research teams include working with professor Ashani Dasgupta on Frieze Groups to analyze the architecture of Indian temples, Stochastic Analysis of the dynamics of Indian monsoons, Pothole Detection System for Indian Roads and developing a Deep Learning Model to analyze Tennis players. He is also one of the highest rated competitive programmers in India, has good results in math Olympiads and taught Olympiad Mathematics and Physics at the Rwanda Coding Academy
Model and Result Analysis of Drag Sail Module Early Testing
Pranav Sawant, Anshuman Shukla, R.P. Shimpi
Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy, Electrical Engineering, Data Modeling
AirDragMod Prototype
Pranav Sawant, Anshuman Shukla
Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Astronomy, Data Modeling
Pranav Sawant, Anshuman Shukla
Machine Learning, Data Science, Mathematics
Pranav Sawant, Anshuman Shukla
Programming, App Development, Mathematics
Gold Medalist, South East Asian Math Olympiad (SEAMO) 2021-22
Gold Medalist, Asia International Math Olympiad (AIMO) 2021-22
Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics (IOQM) Merit Awardee 2021-22
All India Rank 1 and Honorable Mention, Purple Comet 2022
Distinction, Australian Math Competition 2022
All India Rank 13, National Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) Scholar 2021-22
AP Scholar Award
Uttar Pradesh State Topper, Unified International Math Olympiad (UIMO) 2020-21
Distinction, Grade Initial, One and Two in Classical Guitar, Trinity College, 2016-18
All India Rank 3 and Gold Medalist, Asia International Math Olympiad (AIMO) TST 2021-22
All India Rank 8 and Silver Medalist, South East Asian Math Olympiad (SEAMO) TST 2021-22
All India Rank 5 and Bronze Medalist, World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) 2021-22
All India Rank 6 and Gold Medalist, Thailand International Math Olympiad (TIMO) TST 2021-22